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Karma: Exploring The True Meaning

What Is Karma And How It Works?

There is a common notion about the word karma. Many people believe that it denotes victimhood. When people say “It’s my karma,” they usually associate it with their destiny or fate as a result of bad luck or fortune. Hence, such a connotation misinterprets the actual meaning of this term. It only suggests a lack of personal power or responsibility due to lack of fortune.

Human Power And Responsibility

Karma is associated with human power and responsibility. Without our efforts or skill, there is no value of this term. Hence, karma is not merely a good or bad fortune. It is the responsibility or actions that cause luck. The best example of the correct interpretation can be this famous quote by Elbert Hubbard. He opines, “Men are not punished for their sins, but by them.”

Spiritual World

According to the philosophy of Geeta, we are the only ones responsible for all our actions. Intentions play a significant role in letting us act in specific ways. Hence, our purpose frames our effort and the responsibility behind it. Our aim affects how we move, and based on it, we receive the result.

What Is Karma And How It Works?
What Is Karma And How It Works?

What Karma Does

However, the concept is not limited to our actions as well. There is a connection between spirituality and the spiritual aspects that drive us. Every religion believes that there is a spiritual connection of people with the Almighty. Prayers and honesty connect us to the mighty as virtues. When it comes to the vises, karma leads us to the doom. Different versions of the seven deadly sins are mentioned in almost all scripture. It is believed that these sins stop us from performing according to God’s will. As we are carried away by greed, lust, desires, and illusions, we sometimes get deviated from the will of God.

Our actions are like sowing seeds, and karma is like reaping. Hence, karma is not all about reward or punishment. It cannot be seen as a good or bad consequence of the past. One needs to understand and accept karma as a balancing act that makes us learn spiritual lesson through many circumstances. Depending on this philosophy, one can develop a positive approach towards life.

What Is Karma And How It Works?
What Is Karma And How It Works?

How Atheists Think

Today, many theories contradict with the idea of good and evil. Many people believe that we decide some incident or action, whether as good or bad, based on our perceptions. As the opinions differ from one to another person, the concept of good and evil remains relative. Hence, one can understand karma as a result of many actions. Atheists dream of a world where there will be no hierarchy between God and humans. In such a society, we get karma as a return to what we offer. Some of us are skeptical about the concept of spirituality. To them, human responsibility, power, intention, and action are the main factors that determine karma.

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