Top 5 Qualities That Every Character Motivation Ideas Must Possess

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If you clearly understand what motivates you, it is easier to create a fascinating character motivation idea. To create a believable character and, more importantly, universal, you need to work on their motives. 

For example, when somebody commits a crime for the first time, everybody keenly desires to know the reason behind it. The motivation to do so can be both negative or positive. 

Of course, in Real-world many individuals do random things without a particular reason. Still, in a story, you need to think about the character motivation ideas very deeply to engross the interest of the audience. 

So, let us know the qualities that help you to brainstorm the best character motivation ideas. 

List Of Qualities That Every Character Motivation Ideas Must Possess

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Make Character A Bit Complex

While deciding your character motivation ideas, ensure that there is both internal and external motivation. To illustrate it further, let’s have a look at the character of Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games, who is motivated to be the volunteer for her beloved sister because she wanted to do it from her heart and was necessary to even protect her. 

Make Them Dynamic

Next, the quality that your character motivation ideas must have is the ability to change. Once the one need or the motivation factor has been completed, change the motivation to carry your character story in a beautiful Men Tell its conclusion. 

Make Your Character Have More Than One

Single motivation is never a good option. So, always make sure that your character has a good range of motivations. It will not only help you to develop interesting characters but will also provide you with several ideas for setbacks and Plot twists. For example, if earlier your character wants to save someone in the upcoming story, try to make your character a villain to develop the audience’s interest.

Make Them Believable

Empathizing with the character is the key quality that each character’s motivation must possess. It means that the motivation of your character needs to be credible. For example, the lead character can do anything to save her sister and win the games is something believable and the right motivation that one can possess. 

Try To Make Them Susceptible

The best character motivation ideas are influenced by their past. So, try to bring their upbringing and from the past into the present as a source of ultimate motivation. 

This will help you make the audience empathize with the lead character and improve engagement. 


Overall motivation means reasons why a person is acting in a certain manner. So, while crafting a character, you must pay special attention to the character motivation ideas. It is because the character motivation ideas are the foundation of your story and the engagement of the story is directly proportional to the quality of your ideas.

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