Top 4 Employee Motivation Ideas

employee motivation ideas

Employee motivation is the manner of prompting people to take a particular action, keeping in mind that some of us are naturally inclined to stay idle or indifferent at the office. Keeping employees motivated within the organization takes motivating them to do the tasks efficiently. It also involves maintaining a fine balance between competence and enthusiasm. However, these should not be the sole criteria for selecting the right kind of motivation.

An Overview

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There are various employee motivation ideas that can be adopted to keep employees motivated. Rewards are one of the most popular methods and they help employees feel that they are being given something after all, which is not the case with most forms of incentives. Rewards such as bonuses or promotions may be an effective form of incentive, but they should be given in moderation and without upsetting the work routine.

One of the employee motivation ideas that can help keep employees motivated is providing them with recognition for their efforts. When employees are acknowledged for their effort, it helps them feel that they are valued. However, when rewards are too lavish, this can actually lead to resentment. If rewards are meant only for those accomplishments that are recognized during special occasions such as company birthdays or holidays, this also leads to employee resentment since they feel that they are not getting their due.

Reward System Transparent


When planning employee motivation ideas, it is important to make the rewards system transparent. This is done by displaying the same in the workplace where employees can see it. Some companies go to the extent of making all their employees aware of the rewards system and encouraging them to come forward if they are not getting their deserved rewards. A simple formula such as a small bonus for hard work will be more than sufficient to motivate most of the people.

When employees are motivated, they should be given a clear idea on what they are to do to reach the set goals. This should be done so that they know exactly what they need to do to achieve their goal. It is also important to give employees enough time to prepare for the task before they start working. Most companies have their employees complete a pre-determined number of pages of objectives before they start with the actual work. Having these objectives in front of employees allows them to prepare themselves and also gives them a sense of direction.


The other employee motivation idea is to give recognition to those employees who accomplish their tasks. This can be done by rewarding employees who have good performances in a certain area. This can be done by acknowledging them in the office parties and gatherings. They should however be given due appreciation and not just a pat on the back. By doing so, they will become proud of themselves and this will help them perform better in their next tasks.

Recognition and rewards are not the only things that can motivate employees. Another great way to get your employees motivated is to let them know when they have done a good job. This can be done by giving them prizes or even money. Rewards can give employees an incentive to continue doing a good job and this can motivate them even more.


By following several employee motivation ideas in order to keep your employees happy and satisfied, you will be able to improve your employees work environment and make it more productive for everyone. Keep in mind that having a work environment filled with happiness and satisfaction can greatly affect your employees lives and productivity as a whole. If you want to be successful in every aspect of your business, you should strive to provide the best work environment for your employees. You will be glad that you did.

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