The 4 Extrinsic Motivations That Can Be Effective Ways to Motivate Employees

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Motivating employees is a challenge every manager faces at some point. Motivated employees are happier and more productive, but good ideas to motivate people are hard to find and even harder to implement. After all, motivation is subjective, internal, and intangible. So how can you motivate an employee?

Gift cards have been shown to increase productivity in many businesses, both large and small. In some cases, a simple gift card has worked as a replacement for cash bonuses or other types of incentives. If a company offers gift cards that can be used to buy lunch at a local restaurant or coffee at a local cafe, the employees are much more likely to use them, especially if the rewards are easy to reach. If you offer these cards during a promotion or holiday event, the employees are much more likely to take advantage.

Make employees feel valued

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There are many ways to motivate an employee, but one of the best is making sure they feel appreciated, valued, and respected. This doesn’t mean treating them like the president of a global corporation, but it does mean recognizing the value that they add to the workplace. Recognition, when it is earned, is better than when someone decides they deserve a bonus or award on their Many people have can merit. Making sure your employees know that they make a difference, contribute to the success of the business, and will receive recognition when they’re doing a good job makes them more willing to show up for work, and show up on time.



Giving raises, bonuses, and promotions are great ways to motivate employees, but sometimes they are overlooked. When you are looking for tips on how to get your employees to work harder and faster, always make sure the perks are tied in with the work they are doing. Some places may put in extra credit for having great attendance records or other things that will benefit an individual employee. Make sure that any incentives are tied in with what they will be achieving through working harder. If they get something out of it, then they will continue to want to work hard, instead of just taking it for granted. 

One of the most effective ways to motivate employees to work harder is to reward them for being productive. If you set up an employee rewards program, then they will work harder because they know that they are going to be rewarded for being good at their job. When you set up an employee reward program, make sure that it is not just a monetary reward, but also includes recognition of their efforts in various ways. This could be with a certificate of appreciation or with a special discount at the workplace.

Create an agile work environment

A great way to keep employees motivated is to create an agile work environment where ideas can fly around without fear of immediate rejection. For example, some companies allow their employees to use their ideas for a week. Others have brainstorming sessions to spark new ideas and thought. If you can create an environment that allows employees to use their creativity freely, then you will quickly find that they are far more motivated to put in long hours, which results in more productivity and profit for the company.

Provide varied sources of learning, information, and entertainment

One of the best tips on how to get your staff motivated is to provide varied sources of learning, information, and entertainment. If employees know that there are different sources of knowledge available to them, then they will feel encouraged to pursue them. Everyone enjoys learning something new. It helps to show the employees that the work they do is valued and their opinion matters. This encourages them to seek out new information via Giphy search engines or other tools on the internet.

One of the most difficult situations to face is finding a solution to motivate employees when they are resistant to the idea. In many cases, it can be as difficult as to change their mindset. The best way to do this is to find the problem, resolve it, and then encourage them to use the positive ideas that they have learned as part of a reward system. Many people have turned negativity into energy by finding the problem, figuring out how to solve it, implementing the solution, and then rewarding the employees for their work. These people know that they can reach into the subconscious mind of the employee and change the way they think and apply the positive ideas into their work. By doing this, they are motivated to use their intrinsic motivation rather than their extrinsic motivators.

The 4 extrinsic motivators that can be effective ways to motivate employees are Compensation, Creating an agile work environment for them to thrive in, Providing varied sources of learning and entertainment as well as a create an environment where they feel like their opinion matters.  The more intrinsic motivation you provide your employee with the better off both you and the company will be because it’s rewarding for both parties.   

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