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Testing Motivation Ideas For Students – How To Set Things Straight

testing motivation ideas for students

As we approach closer to the months for April and May, students across the country begin to steadily prep themselves for exams, both mentally and physically. This preparation often takes a toll on the health of students who work day and night to perform their best. Hence, motivation at such crucial times can seem like a boon straight from the heavens above.

Testing Motivation Ideas for Students

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Not just students, parents too look for testing motivation ideas to encourage their children and be moral support. These testing motivation ideas for students may help them calm their minds, be focused, and not let any distraction of unforeseen failure discourage them. In times like today when the competition gets tougher and tougher each day, young minds easily compare themselves to other students and get demotivated.

Not to mention the avid use of technology and its side-effects. The tech world has occupied us in a way that time seems to fly while we’re on our gadgets. Students, who have significantly shorter attention spans, face similar distractions while studying. Testing motivation ideas for students can help boost their confidence and indulge in a stress-free study period.

Tips for Students to Stay Motivated during Testing

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Students must keep themselves motivated during tough times. Simple things can seem distracting and often demotivate the mind. These are some tips to keep in mind during your next study session.

Follow a routine and stick to it – Exam months can seem panicky and rushed. At this time, the student must stay organized and stick to a timetable. Students can make a routine for themselves that suits their schedule, one that allows them enough break time before starting another task. A timetable that involves strategic use of time, guaranteeing rest periods, physical activities and a majority portion of a learning period.

Never overindulge – Overindulgence is a strict no-no when it comes to anything. It includes studies and physical playtime. Students must adapt to a pattern that allows their mind and body adequate rest. Nor should they entirely neglect studies and spend all their time having fun. A balance is a must.

Remember that everyone is different – It gets easy to start comparing oneself to others surrounding you. One must remember that every human is built differently and has a different approach to everything. If a friend spends 16 hours/day studying or doesn’t prepare by studying well in advance, that may work for them and not for you.

Tips for Motivation during Testing for Guardians

These tips and tricks can help parents and teachers create a stress-free, motivational environment for students to prepare themselves.

Include Fun activities – Young minds get easily distracted, especially when it comes to learning. Sitting in one place trying to force words into their heads can do more harm than good. Make learning fun by including MCQ quizzes, riddles and games. They make the learning process more fun and motivate the student to study more often.

Engage with them – Often elders leave children alone in the room with the idea that the child will focus better alone. Students feel bored and let a hundred thoughts flow into their head, none related to studying. Sitting with them and engaging by simply asking questions about the subject, taking orals, helping them out or just being in the room can be enough motivation for a student to do their best.

Offer snacks – The constant pressure of studying in many instances leads to cranky, moody students. Parents mistake such behavior as attitude and dismiss it. However, the student may only want some affection or most time, food. Offering them their favorite food can be a sign of care. It shows that the parents is aware of the hard work a student is putting in.


Exams put pressure on parents almost as much as on the student. Both parties must acknowledge the hard work and dedication put into performing their respective tasks. At this time, uneventful circumstances can take place like regular quarreling among parents and children. Not only does this negatively affect the child but also demotivates them from studying. Communication is the key to achieving success in every aspect of life. May every student come out with flying colors.

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