Stories That Are Motivational For Students To Work Hard

motivational for students

Some students may have an internal urge to learn new things and explore new concepts, but others will seek around them for successful people to become self-motivated and learn hard. Many of them will require significant motivation and inspiration from instructors and parents to study hard.

Stories are usually a favored topic for kids since they arouse their love and curiosity. This is one of the reasons why professors utilize it to encourage students in a variety of subjects. Here are a few inspiring stories that are motivational for students to work hard and establish the groundwork for a successful life.

The Rope of the Elephant


A man was strolling near a herd of elephants held back by a tiny rope connected to their front leg. He was astounded that the massive elephants were not even attempting to break the rope and liberate themselves.

He was perplexed when he noticed an elephant trainer standing alongside them. “When they are very young and much smaller, we use the same size rope to bind them and, at that age, it’s enough to hold them,” the trainer explained.

“As they get older, they are conditioned to believe that they will never be able to break free. They still believe the rope can hold them, therefore they never try to break free.”

Moral: It was the elephants’ mistaken notion that deprived them of their freedom for life. Similarly, many people do not strive for success in their lives because they have previously failed. So keep trying and don’t get caught up in these illusory notions of failure.

Shark Lure


During a study project, a marine researcher placed a shark in a large tank. After that, he released several little bait fishes into it.

As predicted, the shark attacked and ate the fish right away. Later, a transparent fiberglass barrier was installed into the tank, dividing it in two and keeping the shark on one side.

Like previously, a matching pair of baitfish was transported to the opposite side of the tank. And the shark tried to attack those fish but was thwarted by the fiberglass.

The shark tried for several days before giving up. The scientist removed the glass from the aquarium afterward, but the shark did not bite the little fish.

The shark constantly sees an artificial barrier in the tank and abandons his attempts.

Moral: Many individuals lose up after experiencing several setbacks and disappointments. The story serves as an example of never giving up despite many setbacks.


These are just a handful of the numerous inspiring stories that are motivational for students to work hard in all parts of life to achieve success. Such inspirational stories can help pupils maintain moral principles in the face of adversity.

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