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When a person meets failure for a certain goal in his life, it is natural to feel sad and depressed.  At that time, you can motivate yourself from some great heroes. The feeling of being a failure is beyond imagination and the person gets engulfed in a feeling of hopelessness and worthlessness. But the irony of the matter is that it is of utmost importance at the very same time to read some motivational stories of famous personalities to know and understand how they never gave up in spite of failing several times. They never give up attitude eventually got them success. This is motivational social psychology that helps some ordinary people to reach extraordinary heights. If you want to motivate yourself too, then read these top motivation social psychology points.

motivation social psychology
Motivation Social Psychology

Top Motivational Social Psychology Points

Understand that Failure is Temporary

One has to learn and understand that failure is not the opposite of success but only a part of success. It comes to teach you to try harder, try a different method or a different perspective. If the determination to succeed is strong enough, then failure cannot stay for long. In spite of such proven success stories many people get depressed or even suicidal when they face failures in life. But wallowing in self-pity or feeling unworthy is easy but trying again is tough. Success comes to those only who do not take any short cuts and learn to work hard.

Be Consistent and Try Harder

Be consistent in your efforts and keep trying hard till you succeed. Consistency is the key to achieving success. If you motivate yourself with the right guidance and consistent efforts, then you will surely gain success and push out failure from your path. As quoted by a famous person-the desire to succeed should be greater than the fear of failure. If one makes his desire very strong in the mind, then small failures in the path will not de-motivate him but only teach him to try with a different approach the next time.

Take Risks

Remember to take risks in life. Shying away from taking risks equates to not trying at all. Only if you make efforts would you know where you lack and where you need improvement. Not trying at all is a total failure and worse than trying and failing.

social psychology elements
Social Psychology Elements

Read Success Stories of Great Leaders to Motivate Yourself

Below listed are few famous inspirational stories of some great celebrities who saw success only after greeting failure a number of times:

  • Larry Ellison, the co-founder of Oracle came from the slums.
  • Do Won Chang survived by working on three jobs simultaneously.
  • A.P.J. Abdul Kalam came from a very humble background but became the 11th President of India due to his constant determination and consistencyin efforts.
  • Sushil Kumar, the first Indian Athlete to have bagged 2 Olympic medals hails from a very poor background with his father working as a driver.

The above listed only gives us a glimpse in the lives of very great men today who started with almost nothing in the beginning of their career. Some people brush away success saying that these people were lucky, but they forget that luck favors the brave and also that God helps those who help themselves. Sitting and not trying will be a complete waste of life and opportunity. Everyone has come to this world for some goal and one should work hard towards reaching success.

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