Relationships: Social And Its Dynamics

Relationships: Social And Its Dynamics

Social relationships are relationships between individuals. It can be a relationship between family members, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. A social relationship develops quickly by getting in contact with people, meeting them, spending time with them, and knowing them deeply. One starts sharing a bond with the other person as their likes may be similar. The relationship between the two sometimes can be stronger than blood relations.

Relationships: Social And Its Dynamics
Relationships: Social And Its Dynamics

Different Forms Of Social Relationships

Social relationships are termed as the close connection between individuals who share common interests and also goals.

Social Connections are categorized based on the relational link of interconnection and the also type of mutual expectations between two people. A social Relationship can develop in any of the following ways.

  • It can develop between people working together.
  • The relationship between a man and a woman is also social.
  • Connection with family members and close relatives is social.
  • The connection between friends is also an example of a social relationship.

Connections can also develop in groups (the connection between student and teacher, or a spiritual relationship, the connection between religious gurus and even their followers.)

  • Also, individuals in social relationships almost have common interests, likes, and sometimes their goals are also the same. It’s always good if people are from similar backgrounds.
  • People in a relationship must respect each other.
  • Individuals should connect for a healthy relationship.
  • Transparency plays a vital role in social relationships; it’s always good, to be honest, and transparent.

Dynamics Of Social Relationship


  • This type of relationship comprises of two interacting people.
  • One person passes a message, and others listen


  • This type of relationship comprises of three interacting people.
  • It is more firm then dyad as the third individual act as a mediator, when there is a conflict between two.


  • Consists of more than three members, it is a collection of dyad and triad.
  • It is the most convenient form of interpersonal relationships.

Need Of Social Relationships

  • Social relationships help in the growth and development of the individual self.
  • It is a way of enjoyment to interact with people and helps to know them better.
  • It incorporates the feeling of security.
  • Moreover, it helps to bring out the creativity in a person.
  • Social relationships help to stay away from stress and depression.

List Of Social Skills

  • Verbal communication- what to say and how to say
  • Non Verbal communication- communication without words, e.g., body language
  • Listening-How we perceive verbal and also nonverbal communication
  • Negotiation- Working with others to find an outcome that everyone agrees on.
  • Problem-solving- working with others to identify and also solve the problem
  • Decisions Making- Exploring options to make wise decisions.


Social Relationships are essential to have a good, peaceful, and successful life. Also, those who have excellent social relationship skills are always successful in both professional and personal life. We need social relationships everywhere in life, be it office, home, or neighborhood. We mainly need social relationships at three reasons, for social interactions, for personnel dealing, and also for building trust. These social relationships are built on trust, mutual understanding, and even respect.

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