Professional Gym Motivation Tips For Women


The night before, you were confident in working that body out and getting that morning sweat sesh. Instead you are right now on your bed, the alarm snoozed, faintly eyeing your gym bag, only to justify why you certainly don’t need to go to the gym today. This is familiar to most people – giving excuse upon excuse to not follow up on their fitness routine.

Motivation is key when you need to curb bad habits, which this is. No matter how small, you need to be motivated to challenge yourself. Below are gym motivation tips suggested by professionals in the game that will ensure you keep up with your fitness routine.

Write Down Your Goal

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Setting your goals is at the forefront of any activity in life, going to the gym is no different. However, it is better to put these goals on a paper and have it where you will see it often. 

Set simple goals and tick them off the list as you grow into it. This will be a reminder of the reason you go to the gym and it is also easy to track your progress.

Get A Committed Gym Buddy

Schedule your workout with a buddy or group, probably can be  your friend, who won’t let off the hook whenever you are found lagging. A friendly competition has the ability to boost your morale and give the motivational push needed to make the difference. 

This is also the same as having a supporting friend, partner or family member. You will certainly go a little bit more on your routine when you know someone is going to be looking out for you. You beam with excitement as you embark on your fitness journey again.

Buck Up Your Fitness Game By Sharing Your Progress

Sharing your progress, especially amongst competitive friends, can be the motivation you need atimes to get up and get gyming. Social media provides the best avenue to hold yourself accountable and help to track and support one another. 

You won’t want to be left behind when your friend(s) gets on with probably the same set of goals. This way you will automatically feel more motivation and keep up with the routine.

Quit Working Out For Physical Appearance

Understand that small achievements (and not chasing the six packs) are paramount to getting things done. Failing to meet up on more elusive and physical goals, you will ultimately end up giving up. 

In contrast, you will find it easier to lose 7% of your body weight, nail 10 pull-ups in a row or run one mile nonstop. You will feel elevated and motivated accomplishing these milestones and celebrating your small victories.


Getting started is hard, but staying motivated through your routine can be tougher. Keep in mind these gym motivation tips to really make a routine out of your fitness schedule. You got this!

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