Personal Growth: A Never-Ending Journey

Personal Growth: A Never-Ending Journey

Personal growth is a never-ending journey of growth of the self. It can also be called a stage of self-improvement. It is an ongoing process of development of the self. In order to achieve one’s potential to the maximum extent.

When we grow in all aspects that are physically, mentally, spiritually we learn many things. This learning process is full of emotional and intellectual growth of the self.  Personal growth help to bring out the best in ourselves. It helps in making us grow with the world around us. It stops us from being centered.

Personal Growth: A Never-Ending Journey
Personal Growth: A Never-Ending Journey

Our world seems to change. Our thinking, our perspective to see things change on the whole. Personal growth makes us feel more motivated and ready for new challenges in life.

 Tips For Personal Growth

  • Give proper time to yourself.
  • Be kind to yourself and for others. It will bring a positive change in your life.
  • When you feel low, listen to music. Dance, sing do whatever you feel.
  • Be with and around nature.
  • Whenever someone does something for you say thank you
  • Try and overcome laziness. Be positive, active and alert.

Personal growth can be listed in 4 stages. There are different ways we can apply them in our lives to maximize our growth.

Stages Of Personal Growth

Personal Growth: A Never-Ending Journey
Personal Growth: A Never-Ending Journey

Stage 1: Open Expansion

The first type of personal growth is open expansion. Imagine a circle and arrows coming out from it. In all directions. Open expansion is just like that.

In our whole life, we meet different people. People coming from different industries. Different work areas. We tend to learn so much from each one of them.

Stage 1 represents a newborn baby who sees the world for the first time. He keeps learning from everything he sees. The same way it happens with us. It is just like the expansion of the mind. Everything is new, everything is valid. In this stage, we grow as a person. It’s an open expansion that helps you discover your path of interest.

Stage 2: Forward Expansion

Imagine a circle, and see only a few arrows coming out in one direction.

This stage is exactly like that of the circle. When you meet different people. You tend to gain interest in one particular industry or type of work.  Personally,  you want to discover more about that one particular area or the industry of your choice. You are still growing and this stage helps you to focus in one direction.

Stage 3: Forward Focus

Imagine a circle again. And only 2 arrows are coming out of it. Going in one particular direction. These two arrows represent the area of interest.  You need to expand your learning by meeting people related to your area of interest. This is when you started digging the deep well. That is, focusing your attention on one particular thing you really want to do. Because you have discovered the area of your personal interest.

Stage 4: Narrow Focus

It is a time of minimization. It is the time when you are reducing all the distractions in your life. Not meeting new people.  It’s the time when you start building things for your own self. The focus mode. Not looking for new opportunities. But focusing on building, and creating things for your own self.


You can apply all these four stages in your life. And your life will tell you what you, actually need.  If you are in a phase of personal rediscovery, then you are going to be in the open expansion phase. That’s why it is said personal growth is a never-ending process.

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