No Self-Worth: Three Rules Not To Be Broken

No Self-Worth

Many people want to watch streamers or YouTubers on television, but lots of content is targeted towards picking out gold players, so it only makes self-esteem go down more when they come across anything like that. People often tell to stop playing that sport if it affects their life that way, but realize that no matter how good they are, they will constantly be playing for years; the game itself never really got any higher than the lowest possible ranking will affect for years to come. Let’s discuss three rules about no self-worth.

Level Of Difficulty

The first thing you need to consider is the different levels of difficulty. Some gold players only play in higher-level tournaments and are not willing to do any less than their best. For example, an amateur player may not have a very high skill-level. However, he could make some mistakes because he is just trying his best to win. If you see this type of player streaming, he will usually repeat the same mistakes until he has no hope of winning.

Increase Self-Esteem
No Self-Worth: Three Rules Not To Be Broken

Big Advantage

On the other hand, a gold player will never make the same mistake because they already have a big advantage and are better at the game than you. They know exactly how the game works and will do their best to beat you no matter what they do. You need to find out what it is about these two players that are so good.

Gold Players

Some players learn from the mistakes of others and can not see any flaws in themselves; this is also one reason why there are very few gold players. These players usually do everything that you do, and they have the right strategies and the confidence in themselves to become a gold player.

Playing Macro Games

You will also need to take notice of the different things that they are doing. Some will be playing macro games where all you do is click away and watch them; for example, they will use every unit on the battlefield without making a single decision, they wait for you to make a mistake and attack them. Other players will be doing microgames where they will be making decisions and using each unit wisely. However, most gold players will sit and do nothing; this will show you when they are having a hard time.

Top Player: No Self-Worth

You need to find out if the gold player is a new player and a top player. Most times, you will not even need to wait a long time before you see some results. If the gold player is a new player, then he may be playing for fun or trying to improve his skills, this is a great time to give it a go. Some players will have a huge gap between their last tournament and their current rating; this is an obvious sign that they are not at the top yet, it might take a little while for them to rise to the top.

Get The Chance

As a gold player, you will probably get the chance to be a very good player too; it’s important to make your mistakes count because being a good player is not always a quick feat.

Very High Level: No Self-Worth

When you see a player who is playing at a very high level, you don’t know why this is another way to check for no self-worth. If you think that he has not made any mistakes yet, then maybe it’s time for him to make more and get rid of those mistakes; in most cases, these mistakes will get the player to a better level.

Hgh skill-level player
No Self-Worth: Three Rules Not To Be Broken

Zerg Players: No Self-Worth

When you watch a player like this, you will probably see that he is just having trouble with some of the new players; for example, they will have problems with Zerg players and Terran players. As a gold player, you will probably make a lot of friends because of the experience you get to play against some new ones, especially those Zerg players. If you notice that the new player is having trouble with any of the Zerg, Terran, or Protoss players, it’s time to take notice and improve his skills.

Bottom Line

The last way to find out if the gold player is worth your time is to see how much he wins at the end of each tournament. If he wins very little but doesn’t have many losses, you can be sure that he is not a top player anymore, some players will win every tournament they play in, but they have no self-worth.

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