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Stress happens when you take a lot of tension about the impending future. Children may have stress from peer pressure, performance in academics or sports, teachers or parents. Adults may haves stress in relationships, careers, business or health-related. 

To worry about a situation or to get tensed about it is natural, but when you overthink it, it becomes stress. This stress triggers health problems, prevents you from sleeping soundly, disturbs your digestive systems, prevents your mind from thinking soundly and even makes you behave badly with friends and family. You need to get a hold on your stress and learn to manage it efficiently to prevent it from taking a toll on the quality of your life and health. This is how you can manage stress.

Go For A Walk

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Even if you go to the gym regularly or engage yourselves in some other form of exercise, it is important to go for a walk in the early mornings or late evenings. This not only benefits your legs and joints but also acts as a mood-booster. The fresh air helps you elevate your mood and you will feel much better after a walk. This makes you plan your day ahead, analyze the things you have done so far. Walk gives you a jolt of optimism.

Take Breaks Between Work

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It is very important to take breaks between work especially, if you are 30 and in a regular desk job which requires you to sit for long hours. These breaks are also very important if you work on the laptop or computer for long. You need to practice the 20-20-20 rule in which every 20 minutes, you blink your eyes 20 times and stare at a distance of 20 feet away from your desk. This exercise prevents your eyesight from deteriorating further. Taking breaks frequently helps you postpone stress build-up in the brain. As you relax and do nothing for sometime, your brain gathers energy again. 

Twice A Week, Take Out Time From Your Schedule And Go Out With Friends

Do not let life take such a toll on you that you forget to catch up with your friends. Nothing makes you happier and stress-free as the company of your friends. You can plan dinners, lunches, get togethers or such routine visits to friend’s houses.

Get Routine Medical Checkups Done

Routine medical checkups become even more necessary after 30 as you need to get yourself tested for a lot of possible dangers, including cervical cancer and breast cancer. You can never know when too much of stress or unhealthy lifestyles have taken a toll on you. Periodic checks help you detect any threatening diseases in the bud and nip it off in the initial stage only.

Lastly, you need to understand that whatever has to happen will happen. By taking stress, you cannot change the course of events. Stress will only ruin your health and the happiness of those dependent on you.

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