Motivating Students – Self-Hypnosis For Students And Teacher Salary

self motivation tips for students

Self motivated people tend to excel at whatever they are trying to achieve. They are also able to reach their goals without any external pressure or hindrances. Self motivated students perform better in class.

Self motivated students always do well in competitive exam preparation. Self motivation is basically the strongest tool which can help you become a good learner, motivated and successful to learn something new. To be a good learner, you need to motivate students, but how can we best do that? The main purpose of self-motivation is mainly to teach kids to become good learners and to effectively use all of their resources to learn something new.

Increase Our Self-Confidence Levels

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We have been taught to strive for our goals as individual students with our respective fields of study. These include sports, academics, social life and self-motivation. There are many ways we can motivate ourselves and increase our self-confidence levels. Here are some tips for students with low self esteem, which would greatly help them in their quest to become an ace at their particular field of study:

Participate in community activities where you can gain knowledge and make new contacts. o Public speaking is a big motivation for most people. o Public speaking is often considered as a dreaded or boring event but if the student gets his or her hands on the proper attitude and prepares themselves accordingly, then public speaking is no big deal. Self-confidence and self-motivation go hand in hand. o A classic wow factor comes from competition.


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Competitions are always a sure way to boost your self esteem and also encourage you to be able to reach your goals. o Taking up challenging exams and overcoming those initial doubts is very helpful in improving your English language skills such as vocabulary, grammar and punctuation. o Self-motivation is also boosted by taking up challenges. Many students have a habit of procrastinating and avoiding challenges by watching TV or surfing the net instead. This will definitely decrease their chances of success in school and in life as well.

A healthy diet is also helpful in boosting your motivation level and in boosting your self-esteem. Learning English is important as it is a prerequisite for getting into the US college. o A healthy lifestyle can be achieved by participating in physical exercise and having regular relaxing and rejuvenating exercises. o Other activities such as yoga, dancing, playing outdoors, going for long walks, reading, listening to music, participating in sports and many more can also help in building up your self-confidence. Self-motivation is also achieved by doing sport or joining clubs and organizations that make you learn new skills and improve your knowledge about a particular subject or area of interest.

Joining Toastmasters

Joining Toastmasters or a similar organization can also help in motivating you. These organizations conduct weekly tutorials on various aspects of life and motivate you to take up challenges and go beyond what you think your limits. Public speaking is another important skill that is necessary to do well in a public speaking course.

Students who join Toastmasters will be trained on effective public speaking skills, and they will gain valuable experience in preparing for a competitive exam preparation course and they will feel the need to improve their confidence level.


The importance of a good teacher salary and a good teaching career cannot be underestimated. Students want to work with a teacher that inspires them to become better. They also want to be able to talk to a person of authority and they can only learn this if they work under such a person. A teacher’s salary is obviously important to motivate students but there are other things as well such as good benefits packages, nice facilities and various perks that make teachers in such a profession more attractive for students.

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