Motivates People About What They Can Achieve

what motivates people

What motivates people? That is a question that I pondered for many years until I came across the answer. It was a study by Dr Steven Hendlin of Columbia University, School of Business. In his book ” motivators and motivation: The science of intrinsic and extraneous influence”, Dr. Hendlin states the following regarding what motivates people: “What motivates people? It’s the things that make them want to do what they have to do… what makes them reach for their goals, and what makes them stop at the finish line.”

The Desire To Excell

There are many things that motivate people but what motivates them most may be a desire to help others. The desire to help others excel in school or in sports or to go to college or grad school is what motivates a person. It is not the monetary reward but is the sense of achievement that motivates them. As Dr. Hendlin so eloquently states in his book, “What motivates people? It’s the things that make them want to do what they need to do…”

Motivational Books

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So what motivates people to take action? Motivational books, movies and television shows, inspirational quotes and music. All of these provide an outlet for self-expression and release. Each one builds confidence and in knowing they can accomplish any task set before them. Motivational books are filled with stories of people overcoming tremendous odds to succeed. Motivational quotes are filled with words of wisdom intended to instil a passion for life into the reader. Music is another avenue for self-expression and motivation. The right song may inspire you to do a certain act or even think a certain way. And what motivates people to write out a creative novel or create a poem that can be read by others?

The Positive Thought Process

When I talk to people about motivation, I hear many factors behind the thought process. Some say it’s having a sense of personal fulfilment. Others say it’s personal growth. Still, others point to a need for power or control over circumstances. They may feel they have been let down by the world, be they relationships with colleagues, lovers, or even family members. They seek to find that sense of empowerment and satisfaction that only comes with growing in knowledge and influence.

Unique Ambitions

The goal of this article isn’t to convince you that everyone has unique motives and ways to motivate. Rather, I want to show you how some people use their knowledge, experience, and skillsets to motivate others. I call them motivators and in this article, we’ll take a look at three very effective motivators. You’ll learn how to identify and use these motivators and how doing so can make a positive difference in the workplace and in your personal life. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to apply these motivators in your daily life and improve your job well-being and professional development.

Short Motivational Animated Clips

The first motivator we’ll examine is being an animated short. Animated short films (also known as animated films or animated short films) are a unique genre unto themselves. Many animation professionals and artists work toward producing compelling short films that tell compelling stories that adults and children can both relate to and enjoy. If you’re looking for a way to get something off of your chest or to inspire someone to work harder or do better at work, consider giving the idea of creating an animated short a try.

Bottom Lines

If you’re not motivated to do the best you can do, it’s likely that you won’t even attempt it. That’s why there are so many great athletes on the planet. They’re all skilled above average but because they love what they do and they want to do it better than anyone else, they don’t settle for anything less than top-notch performance. This is also one of the most common motivators people have; if you’re not motivated to do the best you can, you probably won’t even try.

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