Looking For ADHD Motivation Tips

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If you have an adult with ADHD, use these ADHD motivational tips to help keep her on task and avoid power struggles with the family. The worst thing ever for an adult with ADHD is something that they do not want to do. It does not matter if you’re trying to teach them how to tie their shoes or explaining why the car broke down in the first place. It’s not what you want, and it’s the result of what you don t want.



One of the best ADHD motivational tips is to reward. When adults with ADHD are doing the right things, like paying bills or staying on task, reward them for doing those things. Reward them with a small piece of something to make it worth their while. If they pay their electric bill on time each month, they receive a small entertainment device like a Nintendo Wii. Sometimes it is only a small reward but can make a big difference in their day.

Using The Bully System

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Sometimes when working with ADHD kids, it can be tempting to use the bully system. You might tell an ADHD child to get ready for a fight or asked them to give up their toy. Using power struggles in your relationship with your adult with ADHD may lead to more problems down the road. Try using these ADHD motivation tips for coping with power struggles:

It is better to say “No” than “Yes.” You don’t want to create a power struggle and then lose your temper. Find healthy ways to resolve conflict. A compromise might work better than a verbal attack. Tell them firmly that you won’t do this and you will go somewhere else.

Find rewards. Try giving them an advantage. Maybe they can help you with a project. Or get them special treatment at a party or on a date. Rewards motivate people, and if you reward your ADHD child somehow, they are likely to be motivated to do the same in the future.

Ways To Disguise The Reward

When rewards are given, try to find creative ways to disguise the reward. For instance, maybe you get them a sticker or a bottle of chocolate. This way, they know that their participation was appreciated. Children with ADHD tend to be shy, so hiding the reward will make them feel good. If they get a sticker or some chocolate, make it a playful activity by drawing the reward on the back of a t-shirt or putting it in a hat or other fun container.

Extra Support At Home

Children with ADHD also need extra support at home. Schedule one hour of TV and computer, play every night. Ensure your children have their favorite music playing in the background and let them watch their favorite shows when they want. This will help them to remain calm and focused when you are talking to them.

A reward system can be very effective if used properly. It can also help you overcome some of the challenges that ADHD can present. Always reward your children for their effort and for being a good sport for themselves. Your children can become an example for others and can develop lifelong skills as they work on becoming independent and responsible adults.

Giving rewards can help to change a child’s behavior. ADHD children can become less defiant when they see the rewards they have earned. If the rewards are more than they expected, then they are likely to take their fair share. Reward systems can be used successfully with ADHD kids by ensuring you have the right behavior plan in place and are consistent in rewarding good behavior.

Kids with ADHD have a harder time focusing and controlling their impulses. That is why they often mess up. As long as your child knows the rewards will be given and can handle managing their behavior, then you will be able to enforce consequences without having to resort to yelling and screaming. Try to be as consistent as possible with your rewards program, and you will soon see dramatic results.

Final Words

The best ADHD motivation tips are those that are tailored to the child’s particular needs. Try to remember that your child has a mind that works in an entirely different way to a typical kid. There are no guarantees that anything you try will work, so give it some careful thought. Good luck!

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