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Learning The Importance Of Self Control

Learning The Importance Of Self Control

It is true to say that if you can learn self-control, you can master anything. It means the ability to control one’s thoughts, behavior, emotions, and feelings. To achieve something in life, it is essential to have self-control. Self-control makes a person emotionally and mentally healthy. In general, people don’t understand the importance of self-control.

In general, the theory of self-control is taught in childhood itself, and it depends on three factors:-

  • The emotional relationship between parents and children.
  • Parents should have the ability to supervise the child properly.
  • The inability of the parents to recognize the child’s behavior and to teach the child to be in discipline.

How To Build Self Control

  • Willingness: One needs to know what cravings he\she should let go and what desires he should bring. He should have a desire to build self-discipline.
  • Value your health: Value this life given by god. It is essential to value health. If you are not healthy, that means you do not have good control over yourself. Do proper exercise, eat healthy food, and sleep timely. Wake up on time. These are small steps, which will help you to step forward towards a healthy life.
  • Focus on Identity: When trying to change the behavior, do not only focus on the goal that you desire to achieve. Also, focus on the change in the Identity you want to bring in you.
  • Justify your decision: Once you have taken a stand for yourself. Stand by it. You will face pressure to behave in a particular manner, but you have to justify your decision.
Learning The Importance Of Self Control
Learning The Importance Of Self Control

Discipline Required For Self Control

Importance Of Self Control

  • Shift in the mine set: Remind yourself why you are doing this! Have a strong ‘WHY’ for your actions. Try writing down your goal or the Identity you want to become on a sheet of paper. Remind yourself that this is important to do; it is for your self.
  • Embrace discomfort:  Self-discipline is a muscle that you are building with time. This will help you to do better in the future regardless of whatever the task is. For example, to lose some weight, one needs to go to the gym and workout. You will feel the pain initially, so embrace that pain because today’s pain will be the future’s gain.
  • Target the fundamentals: Fundamental here means to check the biological necessities of life. That is your nutritional food, your sleep, and your exercising habits. This will strengthen the body on the whole. To get the best output, you need to check your input first. Proper nutritional food, exercise, and sleep will help you built control over yourself and will help you lead a disciplined life.
Learning The Importance Of Self Control
Learning The Importance Of Self Control


To build control over yourself, one needs to establish the baseline to act accordingly. To achieve the long term goals, you need to focus on having good control. Building control on yourself can be difficult, but it is undoubtedly possible. If one has the willingness to bring a change for one’s betterment, nothing is impossible.

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