Learning About Achievement Motivation Definition Psychology

achievement motivation definition psychology

The four main components of achievement motivation are intrinsic, extrinsic, intramural and convergent. Intrinsic motivation is the result of personal or individual motivational needs. Extrinsic motivation is related to a reward from within. Intramural motivation is closely related to an external reward and recognition. Convergent motivation is experienced as a result of the recognition that a person or a group has earned some kind of benefit. Finally, convergent motivation is defined as the result of an interaction with a variety of others.

A clear distinction can be made between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is something that is done “in the right way.” An example of this is learning to ride a bike. People don’t just do it because they know how to ride a bike. The knowledge is learned unconsciously and in a manner that does not require rewards or recognition.

Excessive Gambling

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Extrinsic achievement motivation, on the other hand, is something that is done “in spite of what one wants.” This type of motivation often results in negative behaviors. For example, a person might engage in excessive gambling even though they believe that they are trying to improve their financial situation.

Intrinsic motivators like a job that provides a person’s daily necessities meets a need. These necessities may include food, clothing, shelter and other items necessary for survival. These needs should not be self-limiting, since self-limiting behavior often leads to negative outcomes.

The Potential To Achieve Success In That Position

Another example is a person who works diligently at a job because they have the potential to achieve success in that position. In this case, the person has a strong desire to succeed in that position. However, it is also important to realize that a person may be working hard because it is difficult for them or a family member to care for a disabled or elderly family member. While achieving personal success might be important to these individuals, they still need to realize that they need to care for those they love if they are to achieve success at work.

Self-motivation is the ability to be motivated by what you want to do or accomplish. A person who possesses self-motivation is aware that they need to make the effort to attain certain goals. They have a clear understanding of the value of each individual achievement and know that their success is tied to the efforts of others.


The concept of self-motivation can differ among people. To be successful at achieving their desired goals, an individual may have to try many different things before they see significant success. Others may feel that motivation comes easily to them and that they can achieve success without effort. No matter how a person becomes motivated, finding a way to apply that motivation is critical. It is through this effort that those who possess the motivation can begin to see the reward that they deserve.

Defining and measuring motivation is easier when an individual has already identified their own definitions and expectations. The challenge is when the definition of motivation is unknown to the individual. The definition can help to reduce the individual’s fears and help them to be more willing to take action. When the motivation is visible, individuals are more likely to take the actions that will bring about success. Knowing what type of motivation is needed for a person can help them to make positive changes to their lives.

Overcome The Obstacles

Another advantage to using achievement motivation definition psychology is that it can provide insight into what obstacles may be affecting an individual. These obstacles may prevent them from reaching their goals and could make them feel like they are alone. A major hurdle for some people is finding the right motivation. Once they have identified it, though, they need to be sure that they are able to meet it. Finding the right definition can help them become motivated to a high degree and can help them overcome the obstacles that they face.

It should be noted, though, that definition should not be used in isolation. The definition of motivation should be shared with others in order to help them recognize their own personal strengths and weaknesses. When the individual knows what motivates them, they will be able to apply that knowledge when they are faced with obstacles. They will be more likely to reach their goals.


Definition psychology can provide a valuable resource for individuals who are working to achieve their own personal goals. There are many definitions available, including those by Dr. Tom Hopkins. This can help the individual come to understand their own unique situation. When the individual knows what motivates them, they can begin to take positive steps towards reaching their goals. This type of analysis can also provide an individual with a sense of empowerment as they become more aware of what is required of them.

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