Know Your Worth And Live The Life As You Want

Self Motivation Can Do Wonders

Know Your Worth and move with your life. To answer this, it’d be better to specify if you mean spiritually or financially.

Financially, most people think it’s easy or useless to know how much you are worth. I believe they are as wrong as they can be.

Money is not everything in life, but it is essential nowadays. It’s the means of survival. It’s what strength used to be thousands of years ago when the excellent hunter survived by strength over the other bipeds.

Know Your Worth And Live The Life As You Want
Know Your Worth And Live The Life As You Want

Some General Issues To Look At

You cannot measure how much you are not worth according to how much money you have or how much you earn periodically. It would help if you also considered the ratio between how much you earn periodically and how much you need to feel satisfied, and also how much gets left after that.

Spiritually is an entirely different approach. It depends more often on what your beliefs are. I’m not a religious man. I don’t believe in God, or that what I do for others defines me. But I think we are worth as much as we can accomplish. If you want to measure it, I think you should do a chart with your goals and give them a score to those goals according to how hard you’d like to accomplish them and how hard they might be to achieve. After that is easy to measure how much you accomplish and how much those achievements mean to you at least.

Know Your Worth And Live The Life As You Want
Know Your Worth And Live The Life As You Want

Know Your Worth: Something To Know

If I am getting your question right, you asked – “how would you get to know your value?”.

Look, everything is relative. So you won’t get to know your value until you have a reference. Now that reference can be.

You (i.e., you from the past), like how were you treated by others and how you get treated now. – (This is your own, actual value.)

Any other person, too – like how much priority is getting relative to that person. – (This is the value that matters more nowadays – the value that others have given you.)

The person you gave importance to – as was my case. You get to know it late than any other of your friends. After all, they are the ones who see the big picture, and you are merely the spectator of a small frame of the whole story! But anyway, when you do get to know finally that when you were crying, they(the ones you gave importance to) were laughing and that when you were mourning, they were partying and that they smiled only when you served the purpose you are there at your answer. The answer has finally come running at your doorsteps. – (This too is that much mattered nowadays’ value.)

But its not always the low numbers that you must count. The numbers even may go on the positive side too!! But you will have to search for them on their own. Such answers don’t come running at your doorsteps. It requires one’s capability to see the good in the bad (uh, the treacherous world u know!!) – Well, this is a whole topic in itself – better learn how to achieve it for the excellent health of your mind. 

I wish you a healthy and prosperous mind. 

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