How to Keep Going When The Going Gets Tough

Personal Motivation Tips

Many times in our lives, things may seem to get really difficult. They are a myriad of personal motivation tips out there to keep yourself motivated through the week, through the year or for a particular task or goal.

Know Yourself

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I consider this one of the most important personal motivation tip for anyone. As stated earlier, they are millions of ways out they to stay motivated. But what worked for Mr A will not necessarily work for Mr B because of our individual differences. So not all the tips are going to work for you, so you understand yourself, try and know what works for you and stick to it. Understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Watch the Company You Keep

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I won’t promise you life is going to be rosy, neither will i tell you that these tips will make challenges magically disappear. Some times when the going, gets tough what determines weather you move forward or backward is the people you have around you. Some times all you need is someone to listen to you and encourage you with that idea. A simple approval could do a whole lot in keeping you motivated so stay far away from negative people and their bad energy.

Set Goals

Yes goals; goals give you a sense of direction and help you measure your achievements. One reasons you might be feeling discouraged right could be that you did not set goals n the first place. It easier to reach your destination if you know where your destination is. Break down your goals into smaller tasks to achieve those goals so it won’t become to cumbersome. Your goals should also be specific and within a time frame, an advantage of this is that it helps you know when you have achieved your goal. Be flexible and always celebrate your small wins.

Stay Positive

When you are faced with challenges, keep focusing on the positives. Remember, they is always one or two things you could always learn from a seemingly bad situation. Learn to have fun in whatever you are doing, that challenge is not the end, keep at it and you will reap the rewards of patience and perseverance. So take a pause, learn( yes, it is important to learn and don’t ever stop learning) , keep moving and lean to stop worrying. Another technique to stay motivated is to learn to motivate others, help to drive those around you towards achieving their goals. Another thing to keep you positive is to know that you are your only competition, you are not trying to be better than someone else but than the you of yesterday.

Take Time To Relax

This is another very important personal motivation tip. Don’t wear yourself out. Always take time to relax and refuel, it is always easier to achieve those goals when you are relaxed and refreshed. Remember when I said you should celebrate your small wins? Yes, take yourself out, go to the movies, have fun with friends, visit those positive people you’ve been planning to visit, you might get the ideas you need to move on from there. Relaxing is like lubrication for automobiles, unless you want to wear-out, always take out time to relax.

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