How to Get Motivated – The Most Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to Get Others to Work

how to get motivated

Knowing how to get motivated is more of a personal aspect than anything else. Everyone is unique and experiences different levels of motivation throughout their lives. I would be remiss if I didn’t include myself in this article as someone who experiences varying degrees of motivation throughout my everyday life. This article will discuss ways in which you can identify when you are becoming demotivated and ways in which you can make yourself motivated.

When I talk to people about how to get motivated, they often respond by telling me that they set goals for themselves and they feel motivated when they meet those goals. Well, I beg to differ. The only way that anyone gets motivated is by setting goals. Setting goals is essential if you want to become successful. However, it is not the key factor in motivating oneself.

An Overview

So, what is the answer? Is there an ultimate motivator that you can use for motivation? Well, no, but there is something that works for me. When I am unmotivated, I remember the things that I did succeed at in the past. So, I pick up my guitar and start playing again. By playing music, I am able to distract myself from the world that I am living in and it helps me to become inspired by the next thing that I am going to do.

So, let’s say that you are not able to find the music that you love listening to each and every day. Even though you know it’s the right thing to do, you won’t feel like doing it. You might even feel like quitting. On the other hand, if you set goals for yourself each day, you will be inspired to complete each goal. In other words, you will feel like completing the next step in achieving your goals every day instead of stopping in the middle and quitting.

Tips to Get Motivated

Now, you may be wondering how you find motivation. Well, you need to be unmotivated before you can find motivation. Once you become motivated, you will have a stronger reason to complete whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. It doesn’t matter if you feel like giving up or finding motivation is impossible. If you feel like you can’t do it on your own, then find someone who will help you reach your goals.

The first thing you need to do when learning how to get motivated is to create a routine. What I mean by a routine is the mental state that you are in before you start doing anything. I call this your pre-game routine. For example, if you are a basketball player, your pre-game routine might be sitting down with your teammates and shooting hoops. Your post-game routine could be having dinner and watching highlights from last night’s game. You need to be prepared before anything else so that you don’t lose your way in the process.

Once you have created your pre-game routine, then you need to repeat it over again. This mental state will help you get into the right mindset to go on and do your task. If you can do one step at a time, then you will be able to move forward more quickly. You won’t be distracted by thinking about the next step, which is the most common problem for people who are trying to motivate others.

Bottom Line

Finally, if you are wondering how to get motivated, the final step you need to take is to get things in motion. When you have a mental state of being completely focused on your goal, then you can push through all the steps. Unfortunately, many people find themselves procrastinating and not getting things done. Instead, they let their feelings get the best of them and they end up quitting before they’ve even accomplished half the things they had planned to. Stay focused and you will find that getting things done will become a lot easier.

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