How To Become Motivated Using Sports Psychology

sports psychology motivation

Sports psychology is a study about how human athletes deal with pressure. The pressure that comes from their coach, teammates, sports medicine people, parents and public. Although professional sports people are so focused on winning that they often ignore their own psychology. This kind of thinking may eventually cause them to give up.

Understanding The Concept Of Sports Psychology

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Some say that sports psychology is about understanding your own limits, strengths, talents and personality. No win, no pain! Indeed, the most extreme competitive flame will usually overcome all other extrinsic motivators in the game. These great athletes and their even greater achievements have made them national icons but how much of sports psychology motivation did they possess? We may never know.

Each person has an inherent motivation. This motivation is what causes us to reach our full potential and it is what keeps us going when things go wrong or when it seems difficult. It is this intrinsic motivation that needs to be harnessed to enhance performance and mental skills. You can use extrinsic motivation by external reward, such as money, recognition and prizes. These can provide short term motivation, which is appropriate if you are in a success position.

This Will Bring You Temporary Success

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However, sports psychologists argue that while it may bring you temporary success, these rewards do not have long term benefits and they do not develop your self-confidence, self-esteem or your determination to stick at your chosen profession. The motivation should come from within rather than from recognition and reward. A sportsperson who is able to focus solely on performance and the achievement of a goal without any outside influence will become a better person. They will be more successful and they will be happier too. They will also possess greater sports psychology motivation to continue doing what it takes to achieve their set objectives.

Personality And Attitude Play A Vital Role In Sports Psychology Motivation

Your personality and attitude play a vital role in sports psychology motivation. People with a positive attitude are more likely to be successful in their chosen sports. Sports psychologists recommend setting personal goals and working towards them daily. By placing a great deal of personal effort into each day’s activities you will find that you will be able to put in far more hours per week than someone who is feeling discouraged about their efforts and they will be able to sustain the required levels of effort and commitment for far longer periods of time.

The relationship between sports psychology and motivation is most apparent in the athlete’s mindset. When you approach sports psychology professionals with a positive mindset, they can help you identify the reasons why you are having difficulties in your chosen field. The problems may lie in your physical or psychological makeup or in both.

Last Words

In conclusion, sports psychology has many benefits for an individual who wants to become motivated. As a sports person you will always want to push yourself to new limits and overcoming any obstacles that come your way. You will find that by working with a qualified sports psychology professional you will find that the motivation to become successful far outweighs any negative aspects that you may have concerning sports psychology and motivation. In the end you will discover that your enjoyment of the sport far outweighs any negative aspects that you may have concerning sports psychology.

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