Great Teacher Motivation Ideas

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Teachers are always trying to find new ways to motivate their students. Students are not happy when they do not see immediate results or an improvement in their performance. It is frustrating for teachers because they know that when they teach students effectively, they will help them succeed academically and with their social skills. Motivation begins with the teacher. The first step to get students to want to learn and perform better is to show them that you believe in them and their ability.

A Great Teacher Can Motivate Students

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When a student knows that his teacher is encouraging him, he will be more willing to try hard and learn. A great teacher can motivate students by encouraging them when they make mistakes or perform poorly. Teachers should motivate their students, even when they make mistakes, as long as they do it in a way that is constructive. Even making jokes can be a way to motivate students.

If a teacher wants to get the most from his students, then he should not only motivate them when they do good work, but also when they do poorly. This is important because the feeling of getting praise can make them want to do more, which can only help them in the classroom. However, if a teacher only gives praises when they are doing well, it can demoralize them and make them less likely to try harder.

Teachers Philosophy Is About Motivation

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If you want your teacher to motivate you, there are many different things that you can do to encourage him or her. First of all, find out what your teacher’s philosophy is about motivation. For example, some schools believe that it is all about effort and working harder than others.

Try to find out what types of rewards your teacher gives for good grades. Some give certificates, others candy. Other rewards might be extra computer time, or just more time to spend with the class. Try to find out what types of rewards motivate your students the most. Once you have identified these rewards, you should start thinking about how you can incorporate them into your weekly classes. You can also try to find out how you can offer your own rewards for good work, instead of giving certificates or candy.

Ask Questions Regarding Any Areas

If you want to have your teacher see you as an effective teacher, you should set aside time on a regular basis to go over your weekly classes with your teacher. While you are discussing your plans, you should also ask questions regarding any areas where you need extra help, such as helping your students to write essays or other papers. Try to be an active role in your class. Ask questions, be helpful, and show your student that you are interested in learning as much as they are. If you show that you are interested in the material, then you will be seen as an effective teacher, as well as someone who is motivated.

Many teachers find that the best way to motivate their students is through a form of covert hypnosis. This method is based on the belief that students respond more to what they do not know rather than what they do know. When you hypnotize a student, you can plant suggestions into their subconscious mind without them realizing it. Once you have planted these suggestions, you can give any request to their subconscious and they will try to remember it the next time they go to class. Hypnotizing a student can be difficult, but if you master it, then you will be able to use it to motivate almost any person, not just students.


These are some of the best ways to motivate your teacher, but there are also lots of other ways that you can motivate your teacher. If you are having a hard time getting your students to be motivated, then you may want to consider helping them outside of the classroom. Helping your teacher with homework, going shopping with them, or just spending quality time together can make a big difference in how motivated your student is going to be. When you find ways to get your student motivated, you will notice a huge change in the way that they act around you.

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