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workplace motivation ideas

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Many people often look for inspiring ideas on the job. Sometimes, inspiration comes from within – from a coworker or a friend. But it can also come from outside sources, such as an inspirational company newsletter or business plan. While most of these ideas are helpful, some are not.

Motivational magazines and articles are fine. But if you want to use them as a source of workplace motivation, you have to be careful what you’re reading. Most magazines and articles just focus on one or two ideas. You can easily get side tracked if you’re too focused on the ideas contained in the publication.

Sense Of Ownership

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Good ideas work because employees feel good about themselves. They’re part of a larger team and understand how their contribution is appreciated. They feel good about being a part of something larger than themselves. This creates a sense of ownership that leads to high morale, as well as the ability to do more.

Other ideas that are often used as a source of workplace motivation include: giving gifts on Recognition Day. However, this might actually backfire. As the employee’s name gets out, others are likely to receive the same gift. People don’t like to be cornered into giving the same thing twice. The same can happen if employees begin receiving awards for things that they’ve already accomplished.

Motivate Your Employees

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When trying to decide on ideas to use as a way to motivate your employees, think about how your employees see themselves. Are they realistic? Realistic enough to believe they can achieve their goals? Realistic enough to realize that sometimes even their best efforts won’t be enough. And realistic enough to know that other resources might be needed.

Some tips on finding the right workplace motivation ideas are to consider the personalities of your employees. Is there someone special in your group who seems to get along better with others than others? Perhaps that person is willing to try harder. Try to figure out what makes them different from everyone else and find ways to recognize them. Sometimes just a little recognition can go a long way towards motivating your group.

Workplace Motivation

One popular idea for workplace motivation has to do with maintaining an environment of inclusion. Do you have open and honest discussions about all issues? Do you allow your employees to share their thoughts and feelings without criticism or judgment? Do you encourage your employees to bring up problems or concerns with you or other members of your staff? If your staff feels like they’re welcome to talk and to hear ideas, they’re much more likely to engage and contribute. A healthy workplace environment encourages open communication and participation.

Another idea for workplace motivation is to give bonuses to those who perform to high standards. Don’t necessarily expect to get the top performers to approach you; rather, focus on the people who are working hard, and go above and beyond to help them get additional tasks or even better promotions. These rewards should be given without expecting anything in return. Recognition and appreciation go a long way towards making employees feel valued by the company.

Employee Incentive Program

Do you have an employee incentive program? Have your employees been known to approach you or your manager with problems or questions? Do they seem to have difficulty getting answers from you? It may be helpful to take some time out from the routine and meet with these individuals to talk about what’s going on, how you can help them, and to identify possible goals for the future. This simple meeting can help you identify which goals are most important to your employees. When you have clear goals set, employees know what they need to do to reach them, and they’re motivated to make that goal happen.

Do you have any extra activities or events taking place in your workplace? Having some form of recognition or party once in a while can really stir the emotions and motivate people. You may choose to host a party once a month where all your employees are encouraged to come and celebrate with you. Even if it’s a small gathering, the mere act of it brings out the best in people and they’re more willing to go the extra mile in their performances or tasks. In addition, by recognizing the achievements of your employees at work, you become much more appreciative of their efforts, and it helps them to feel wanted and appreciated. Recognition is one of the easiest workplace motivation ideas to implement.


These workplace motivation ideas are just a few of the many ways you can motivate your employees. If you have an idea for how you can accomplish this task, your next step should be to ask your employees what would make them want to be part of an organized, productive, and happy workplace. The best motivational quotes, artwork, and decorations may be on hand in the office, but it’s not always necessary to purchase them. Simply approaching employees at work and asking for suggestions will give you an idea of what you can do to inspire them to be more productive.

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