Exploring The Psychological Foundations Of Sexuality

sexual motivation psychology

The truth is, most guys have an issue with their sexual motivation because it is a bit outside of their comfort zone. Guys can get turned on by the thought of having sex with hundreds of women, and this normally turns them off. It’s like the scene from Basic Instinct where the cowboy makes love to twenty women, until he has to settle down with the first girl he hooks up with.

More About Sexual Motivation

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Sexual motivation is very much an internal motivator than an external one. Guys need to feed their desire for sex with something that is internal. It is an intense and powerful sense of biological need that has been shaped by thousands of years of natural selection. This drive is most often triggered when a man is confronted with extreme conditions that require a great deal of energy and time investment. These conditions include starvation, extreme physical activity, or extreme psychological stress.

In order to deal with these situations, sexual motivation psychology is required in order to make men able to meet these challenges head-on. Biological drives such as hunger, thirst and survival are the key elements behind human motivation. When these drives are put to the test, they release huge amounts of hormones in our brains that pique our body’s need for food, and then we find ourselves experiencing a variety of symptoms that include: erection, sexual excitement, ejaculation, and a host of others. These biological drives also cause psychological drives, such as our desire for self-preservation and the instinct to procreate.

Half Of The Exact Picture

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These psychological elements however are only half of the picture. In order to fully understand sexual motivation, it is necessary to examine the physiological needs and processes that support it. An entire chapter could be devoted to this, but for now we will focus on a few of the more common physiological needs and processes. One of the most basic aspects of sexual motivation psychology deals with the physiological need to survive. After all, one of the driving forces behind sexual attraction is our instinctual need to survive, which stems from our primal, ancestral past.

Know About The Basic Drive

Underneath all of the psychological and physiological needs and drives, there is the basic drive to mate and to procreate. This primal drive is what accounts for our sexual orientation, whether we are sexually attracted to people of the same gender, the same race, the same age, etc… In other words, human sexuality is nothing more than an “orientation” or “preferential pattern” that we develop as a result of the underlying biological and behavioral necessities that support it.

Bottom Line

It should be noted that the definition of sexual behavior and sexual orientation is extremely complex and controversial. As such, it would be foolish to assume that any given definition defines true sexual behavior. Instead, the definition should be viewed as a general framework through which different definitions of sexual behavior can be drawn.

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