7 Employee Motivation Techniques

employee motivation

As an entrepreneur, you need to constantly motivate your employees. This includes using examples of famous people as well as using your own motivational thoughts. Here are some motivational thoughts from Jack Ma’s life that you can use as employee motivation techniques.

The Chinese business tycoon, Jack Ma, had quite humble beginnings. In fact, his story is quite unbelievable considering the amount of failures he has had, and yet very motivating as to how he managed to overcome his biggest failures and turn them into success.

employee motivation techniques
Employee motivation techniques

Motivational Thoughts From Jack Ma’s Life

He did not give up even after failing many exams at school

He was not a good student, in fact, he was below average. Maa could not even get into middle school. Ma failed a primary school test twice and middle school test thrice. He also failed his college entrance exams twice. All these failures are enough to put any one of us into severe depression, but he carried on.

Jack Ma scored 1 out of 120 points in the math portion of his college entrance exam

Getting a score less than 1 percent can definitely put us in shame. Jack Ma scored an unbelievable 1 out of 120 in his college entrance exams in the math subject. But he struggles with mathematics till this day. In spite of that, he managed to create the tech giant company Alibaba.

He did not give up even after being rejected from Harvard 10 times

Jack Ma is the paradigm of persistence. Even after being rejected from Harvard so many times, he never lost hope and kept on applying and trying. He is patience personified. He later on went on to become an English major at the Hangzhou Normal University.

Never got pessimistic even after being turned down for 30 jobs

This man surely teaches us that you should never ever give up in life. After graduating from college, Jack Ma applied to 30 different jobs but was rejected by all of them. He had tried his hands on becoming a police officer but was told on the face that he isn’t any good. Taking inspiration from Forrest Gump, he kept on running thinking that, “Today is cruel. Tomorrow is crueler. And the day after tomorrow is beautiful.” Jack Ma’s motivational thoughts continues to inspire thousands of new startups and entrepreneurs today.

Jack Ma was the only candidate who was rejected out of the 24 candidates applying for KFC interview

There were 24 KFC applicants in his pool and out of them, 23 were hired. Everyone else apart from him got the job. According to him, the reasons for his rejection were his bad looks and short stature. He got married to Zhang Ying, his wife, much before he got wealthy. She does not mind his appearance and says that her man might not be handsome but he can do a lot of things handsome men cannot do and that is why she fell in head over heels in love with him.

employee motivational tips
Employee motivation tips

You can share these motivational thoughts with your employees too to motivate them. These thoughts will definitely inspire them to continue with their hard work and efforts. They will not feel demotivated by small failures or problems. They will all work together for the growth of the company and also for their individual self. These are powerful motivation techniques to inspire your employees and teach them the importance of persistence and continuity.

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