Employee Motivation Techniques PDF – How To Push Your Employee To Do Better

employee motivation techniques pdf

Motivation is required in every sphere of organizational life as it helps in increasing the efficiency of the employees. Motivation is an essential part of the work-life of every employee and motivational techniques should be employed. Organizations should provide their employees with meaningful, engaging work and should recognize their efforts and dedication. This will not only contribute to the growth of the organization but also create a sense of vitality and fulfillment that will echo across the organizational cultures and their employees’ personal lives.

Employee Motivation Techniques Pdf

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Here are few employee motivation techniques that the organizations can incorporate:

Appreciation and recognition

Appreciating and recognizing a job well done gives a major motivation boost to the employees that in turn keeps them striving towards their goals at work. Employees usually aim higher and better so as to get applauded with hikes and increase in pay scales. Applauding them in front of their friends and colleagues is the greatest motivation one can get to always perform better.

Provide benefits

Apart from public recognition, employees respond well to bonuses and incentives such as cash bonuses, gift cards, use of company perks or benefits, additional vacation days and much more.

Provide flexibility

Not every employee is same. While some may be in favor of 9-5 job, others may not. For some employees, commuting to work can be challenging. Allowing flexibility within reason will make them happy and motivated.

Also, provide regular short breaks throughout the day that will increase performance and work satisfaction. This can be a great employee motivational strategy.

Create a positive environment

The work environment of the organization can seriously impact the mood of the employees as well as the managers. It decreases productivity and prevent you from doing your work efficiently. Creating a positive environment is a great motivation technique.

Treat your employees with respect, trust them, and allow exchange of ideas and solutions to projects without any fear of judgement. Give them feedback to help them grow, celebrate special occasions as this will help them to be better employees.

Conduct surveys

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Conduct employee satisfaction surveys that includes points related to work environment, their roles and responsibilities, infrastructure etc. Let them give genuine feedback about their ideas, experience, and suggestions. After conducting surveys, make sure that their feedbacks are looked into and addressed. This will help to remove dissatisfaction issues faster.

Benefits Of Employee Motivation

Motivated employees are more self-confident that helps them to handle uncertainty better

Their problem-solving skills get improved and they work harder to solve any challenge

They become more innovative and provide creative ideas that helps boost business performance

They understand organization’s goal better and become more productive to meet their vision and objectives

They become better team players and stay longer with the company


Building a culture of motivation is proved to be an effective way to keep your employees happy and satisfied. This will help them to improve themselves in order to take up responsibilities and pursue organizational goals in a better way.

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