Call Center Motivation Ideas – Using Call Center Analytics

call center motivation ideas

Call Center Motivation ideas can be derived from a variety of sources, including the success of the program itself. Call Center customer satisfaction is tracked using metrics and analyzed with statistics and analytical tools that are based on the results of the analytics. The information generated from the analytics is used to guide and drive the decision making process for both the management and customer representatives. The data obtained and analyzed is used in helping to determine what changes need to be made, as well as identifying improvements that need to be made.

An Overview

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Call Center Motivation ideas are based around the measurement of targets, which are known as KPIs or Key Performance Indicators. KPI stands for Key Success Indicator, a numerical representation of the most important metric that is associated with the achievement of a goal. The metrics that are associated with these KPIs will then be measured and analyzed in order to create a scorecard or dashboard that the performance indicators will be compared to and tracked against. Once the KPI targets have been identified, an action plan will be formulated that focuses on fulfilling the targets with the greatest amount of success and/or reducing costs incurred in fulfilling them. Once the plan is determined, it is used as a tool by the call center to measure performance, track productivity, and identify areas in need of improvement.

Call Center Motivation ideas also come from the callrail itself. The metrics that are associated with each individual agent and the overall performance of the center refer to targets and performance goals that must be met in order to maintain positive feedback and turn a profit. If the performance goals are not met, the company may lose money, thus creating a loss for its bottom line. As such, the goal for each agent is to exceed the previous performance level in order to retain positive feedback and build a strong case for the company as a lucrative investment. These goals are often set against an established, measurable benchmark that the agents strive to achieve each day.

Indicators To Notice

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Call Center Performance Indicators also define the framework of the entire call center’s business. This includes goals, objectives, metrics, quality levels, and conversion tracking. Call Center Performance Indicators are also called KPIs or key performance indicators. They include; cost per call, cost per sale, revenue generated on the call, the total number of calls made every hour, average time customers spend on the telephone with the representative, the number of sales calls handled during a typical shift, the average time customers spend on the telephone with the representative, and a few others. The aim of this list is to provide a benchmark against which the improvement of the entire call center can be measured.

Once the list of these important KPI is created, a set of call center metrics is then created as well. These metrics include; the average time spent per customer, the number of calls handled by a representative per hour, the number of sales calls handled during a typical shift, and the average time per call performed by a representative. Each of these KPI’s is then assigned a numerical value in order to determine the overall performance of the company. The goal here is to compare what is expected of the company against the actual performance that is achieved.

Call Analytics

Call analytics also plays a major role here. This way, you will have the ability to track calls in order to identify problem areas. Call analytic solutions can measure call rates, call depths, call source, call waiting times, number of minutes, and many more. In order to achieve success in the area of Customer Service Goals, you need to be able to track all these data.

One Call center Metrics that can be used here is call source. Call source is all calls made directly from the customer service department to the actual customer. By tracking this, you can easily identify problem areas. This helps article marketers in two ways. First, it helps them identify what type of people call in to voice their complaints so that they can create better methods to train their representatives.


The second thing it does for article marketers is that it helps them track their own performance as an article marketer and determine if they are meeting the goals and metrics of the company. Call analysis and statistics are crucial to the success of the company. Without having the information here, it would be very difficult to find out the problems that the company is facing and how to improve in the area of Customer Service Goals and Metrics. As a result, you must have call conversion tracking and analytics. That way, you can easily track your calls and even forecast your future sales.

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