Achievement Motivation In Sports Psychology – Motivating Yourself

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Achievement motivation is an individual drive to achieve success for its own sake. It links the personality with the degree of competitiveness shown by an individual. Competitiveness is how much an individual is motivated to succeed in sports. Some psychologist believes that it is a product of nature i.e it`s genetic, it`s inherited while some believe that it is a competitive drive that is a product of learning.

Achievement Motivation In Sports Psychology 

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Achievement motivation is generated through a combination of personality and situational factors as it depends on the situation how the person can work to have a good performance or hor to avoid situations to give the best of himself. So, one can say that sportsperson are of NACH or NAF type personality where each stands out for the need to achieve where NAF stands out for the need to avoid failure.

Now, the characteristics of each of these personality types help to understand better and in an easy way.

Achievement Motivation In Sports Psychology – Characteristics

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Characteristics of the person with achievement motivation are high performers, always believe in excellence, have strong mind setting to accomplish the given task, calculate the risk of the tasks beforehand.

So, there are characteristics of a need to achieve personal as they want feedback, they drive to improve their performance standards in relation to their own previous success. They want to become as good as they possibly can be. They are not put off by failure, they want to survive in the hardest situations and they are persistent. They are not afraid to fail, they need feedback on their every performance and are willing to take risks, accept challenges they will not just sit in the background and let other people do the work.

Achievement Motivation In Sports Psychology – Failure

In contrast to that NAF people need to avoid failure people, they don’t take risks i.e. They avoid risks, they give up on tasks easily, they don’t want to face the challenge, they avoid challenges, and they dislike feedback because they don’t want to know the performance. Most people have this misconception about sports psychology being only about motivation but it is also about helping the person understand and accept failure. When the sportsperson undergoes training and participates in a tournament and still is not able to win, the ability of that person to understand the failure and get over it will help him train better for the upcoming tournaments. It is important to deal with failure and being unable to meet certain timelines when you are in sports because it is all about learning in improvizing, not about being perfect.


Achievement motivation is a desire to do things well and to overcome obstacles. It is an important area to understand how achievement-related beliefs, values, and goals develop and differ. Achievement motivation is often defined as striving to extend or keep as high as possible one’s own capability altogether activities during which a typical of excellence is assumed to apply and where the execution of such activities can either succeed or fail.

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