A Detailed Analysis Of Self Driven Cars

A man driving a car on a dirt road

Driving itself is a great recreation for people. Have you heard about or tried self-driving cars?

Self-driving vehicles are nothing but vehicles that do not require human drivers to control the operation while driving. They use sensors to operate self-driven cars.

Layers Of Autonomy In Self-driven Cars

A young boy standing next to a car

Self-driving is of different levels in each car. 

  • In a Level 0 self-driven car, most of the operations will be taken care of by people who drive.
  • In a Level 1 self-driven car, cruise control and automatic braking can be automated.
  • In a Level 2 self-driven car, simultaneous operations can be done automatically by the car. But, some activities like acceleration and steering will have to be controlled by humans.
  • In a Level 3self-driven car, the car will take care of all the safety-critical functions. If an alert is shown, the driver will have to take over driving.
  • In a Level 4 self-driven car, the car is fully automated, but not in certain situations.
  • In a Level 5 self-driven car, the car is completely capable of self-driving

Advantages Of Self-Driving Cars

There are many advantages to self-driven cars. Let us see some of them:

A person driving a car
  • The car and the machines do not get exhausted soon
  • In self-driven cars, the focus will never be missed
  • Self-driven cars follow traffic rules all the time
  • If you are a person who is not familiar with driving, self-driven cars are rescue factors
  • Compared to manual operation, automation is reliable
  • Drunk and drive risk is not at all a problem in self-driven cars
  • Fuel consumption will be less when compared to manual operating cars
  • Air quality is improvised
  • Car theft problems are not an issue here, in self-driven cars
  • Economic advantages are higher in self-driven cars
  • The whole driving experience is convenient enough
  • The drive may be faster in self-driven cars

Disadvantages Of Self-Driving Cars

Though there are many advantages to self-drive cars, there may be a few disadvantages too. Let us see what they are:

  • Congestion levels are higher when compared to manually operated cars
  • The R&D costs may seem a little higher
  • Hacking issues are also a major threat in self-driven cars
  • Heavy rain or any bad weather may cause technical issues in self-driven cars
  • Initial costs may be high
  • Cab drivers are found in abundance nowadays. Self-driven cars may be a problem for them.
  • If all of us choose self-driven cars, we may forget how to drive
  • Maintenance is difficult
  • Technical errors may happen, since it is a machine
  • Insurance issues can take place in self-driven cars


In a conclusion, self-driven cars are wise options for people who love technologies. Everything has become automated nowadays, why not cars?

Happy self-driving!


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